Al Massat Lil Tewridat Alkimawia


Al MassaT is a company providing services to industrial companies in the MENA region that specialize in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields for more than 15 years with a quality system meeting customer needs as well as international standards (ISO 9001).
Present in Jordan, Egypt and Dubai, Al MassaT aims to expand in North Africa through its new presence in Algeria.

The company AL Massat is the official representative and distibutor of the US Pharmacopoeia in the MENA region for USP-NF monographs, Reference Standards as well as Related Compounds. We also offer technical support through our Webinar sessions and Seminar Days through the intervention of our scientists working in the drafting of the US Pharmacopoeia.

We are also the representative of the company Suheung for EMBOCAPS capsules. A Korean company with 75% of sales going to the US, Canada and Western Europe. EMBOCAPS capsules allow efficient fill speeds, maximizing the amount of production per hour with minimized downtime and nearly zero defect levels. They also meet the most stringent and uniform specifications with each capsule lot.

In addition, we provide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) with full registration documents, excipients and materials for pharmaceutical, medical and veterinary applications. Our strength lies in the expertise of our dedicated and professional team and our universal network for sourcing products in India, China, North America and Europe.

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