Who visit's the show?

MAGHREB PHARMA attracts every year all the producers of drugs, medical devices, dermo-cosmetics in the region as well as their suppliers by providing the perfect platform which allows to meet these decision-makers often difficult to meet. Here is an overview of the profile of our visitors:

  • CEO / VP / Managing Director / Owners: 25%
  • Senior Manager (supervising a team): 37%
  • Middle Manager (non-supervising): 11%
  • Other (pharmacists, lab staff, technicians): 24%

The Algerian Pharmaceutical Industry

The Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry declared: “The pharmaceutical industry sector, with its potential and its strategic character, has been identified as a key sector, which can be transformed from a budget-intensive sector to a creator of wealth.

This is how an entire ministry dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry was created in June 2020, testifying to the importance and interest that the State attaches to this sector in a context marked by the Covid pandemic and a difficult economic situation “

Some key figures of the Algerian market:

75% of the volume of pharmaceutical production for Algeria is local.
66% of the value of pharmaceutical production for Algeria is local
• Almost 100 new production lines were set up in 2021
• Reduction of the import bill by 40% in 2022 compared to 2019, to reach 1.2 billion usd when it amounted to nearly 2 billion usd.
• More than 3 billion euros of medicines were produced locally in 2023.
• Algeria, through the capacity of its pharmaceutical industry, plans to export quantities of drugs equal to those it imports by 2025, ie $ 5 billion.

4, 200+

Professionnels du secteur pharmaceutique

+ 250



Pays exposants

Visitors profile

Maghreb Pharma brings together a diverse group of participants including CEOs, general managers and other senior executives who play a key role in their respective industries.

It is the hub for meeting other professionals such as pharmacists, laboratory personnel, technicians, and other specialists. This illustrates the range and depth of visitors attending the show.

By bringing together such a wide range, Maghreb Pharma is a unique occasion to build relationships and connect with leading figures in a number of different fields.

D'où viennent nos visiteurs ?

En raison de sa taille (1er marché en Afrique avec +3.2 milliards d’euros en valeur), le marché Algérien occupe la majorité de nos exposants et visiteurs mais nous avons chaque année un nombre croissant de visiteurs qui viennent des pays suivants :

  • Algérie (90%)
  • Tunisie
  • Maroc
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Burkina Faso
  • Mauritanie
  • Mali
  • Libye

These laboratories visit the event each year

These laboratories visit the show every year

Why exhibiti ?

Identify new partners and distributors

Your presence at this show will allow you to meet hundreds of potential customers or partners.

Maximize your visibility

Maximize the visibility of your company with an entire region during the 3 days of the event, as well as throughout the year on our website thanks to your “MyEasyfairs” space.

Present your products and services

Present your innovations, products & services to all buyers in the Maghreb region.

Generate leads

Generate leads and grow your business portfolio by connecting with a dedicated audience of buyers, specifiers and influencers.

Revivez l'édition 2024

Revivez l’édition record de Février 2024 de la Maghreb Pharma Expo.


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