Obtain a Visa for Algeria

You will probably need a VISA to travel to Algeria (except Moroccans and Tunisians) and an Invitation Letter from us for this process. Warning : we do not guarantee that you will obtain effectively a VISA as this is a pure decision from the Algerian consulate in your country of origin. The procedure can take from 1 week to 3 weeks (sometimes only a few days / ask the consulate) and your Passport needs to stay at the Algerian consulate until you get the VISA.

This Invitation Letter from us will be attached to your VISA application file.

We do only provide Invitation Letters for our Exhibitors (without exception) and for visitors from the following countries only if they come as an employee/decision-maker of a pharmaceutical manufacturer/distributor (this means we do not provide VISA Invitations to companies who are suppliers of equipment, services, etc..these companies should participate as Exhibitors to benefit our full logistical service) :

* Gulf States
* Lebanon / Jordan / Egypt
* West Africa
* Ethiopia
* Sudan
* Libya

Should you match these criteria above, please fill in the this form : CLICK HERE

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