Obtain Visa as Visitor

You will probably need a VISA to travel to Algeria (except Moroccans and Tunisians) and an Invitation Letter from us. This Letter of Invitation should be attached to your VISA application file. Attention we never guarantee the granting of the VISA which is a sovereign decision of the Algerian consular authorities. The procedure takes 1 to 3 weeks (sometimes a few days / ask the consulate) and you will have to leave your passport at the consulate until the VISA is obtained. We only provide Letters of Invitation for our Exhibitors (without exception) and visitors from the countries below and on the condition of working for a company that is a drug producer (people who are producers of inputs, equipment, ingredients etc…must reserve a stand to benefit from our logistical support): *EU/USA * Gulf States * Lebanon / Jordan / Egypt * West Africa * Ethiopia * Sudan * Libya To request your VISA invitation letter, please CLICK HERE
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