Obtain Visa as Visitor

You will probably need a VISA to travel to Algeria (except Moroccans and Tunisians) and an Invitation Letter from us.

This Invitation Letter will be attached to your VISA application file.

We provide Invitation Letters for visitors from the following countries:

* Gulf States
* Lebanon / Jordan / Egypt
* West Africa
* Ethiopia
* Sudan
* Libya

>>> IMPORTANT  :  you will have to prove that you are a decision-maker in a Pharmaceutical Laboratory and provide us with any proof of activity that will be required of you (commercial register, professional email address, etc.). If you are a verified professional, we will send a letter but the AMBASSADE D’ALGERIE remains the only one able to decide whether to give you a VISA or not. We will not legalize any document in Algeria and we do not provide any letter of support or repatriation.

1) Obtain an Invitation Letter from us:

a) Send your request to: contact@maghrebpharma.com

b) If your request is accepted, we will send you an Invitation Letter.

2) Contact the Embassy of Algeria:

Contact the Algerian embassy in your country and ask them for the file to constitute for your VISA application. When you submit the complete file, you generally have to wait 15 to 21 days to have your VISA.

Get a Visa as an Exhibitor

Please contact us immediately, we will process your VISA request as a priority.

Note: we only provide Invitation Letter for MAGHREB PHARMA Expo.

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